What makes a Devon Cream tea?

Cream teas are often known as either being a Devon or Cornish cream tea, however how these are served is a debate that continues with many people disagreeing. Dr Eugenia Cheng, a mathematics lecturer from Sheffield even joined the debate in May 2013, after being contacted by a clotted cream company. Her paper examined the different sizes of scones and thickness of cream required to get a good taste and better balance. Read more of her findings at http://cheng.staff.shef.ac.uk/media/#cream  

Devon Cream Tea
Traditionally a Devon cream tea is a freshly baked, warm scone that should be split into two halves, covering each with clotted cream and adding strawberry jam on the top. In 2010 a campaign was launched to have a Devon Cream tea protected by the ‘protected designation of origin rules” outlined by the European Union.

To download your own recipe please click Devon Cream Tea

Cornish Cream Tea
Cornish teas, consist of the same ingredients but the jam is applied before the cream, and in some cases butter is added to the scone first.

A Cornish tea is believed to have been a slightly sweet roll, rather than a scone but few places now serve these

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