My Mortehoe, My Woolacombe – Dawn Fitzgerald

My Mortehoe, My Woolacombe

By Dawn Fitzgerald

Mortehoe is special to me because I grew up here with the point and beaches as my playground. We had hours of fun playing out at Morte Point as kids and as we grew up, spent many hours down on the beaches; Grunta, Rockham and especially Morty Wells.

Mortehoe in winter was the best place to grow up, especially as there were no visitors, only the locals. With winter gales blowing, sitting around the fire listening to Gran and Gramps telling stories of smugglers and shipwrecks. The shipwrecks were real and stories of smugglers made up, its only when you grow up and leave the area you come to realize how special a place it was and that is why we come back every summer to see relations, friends and see what has changed. Many of the people I knew growing up have either moved on or passed on and now sleep in the cemetery. I hope one day to come home and spend my final days here, as it will always be home to me.


If you would like to write about why Woolacombe or Mortehoe means so much to you, please send us a few paragraphs and no more than 10 photographs to

DSCF3923 2 DSCF3933



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