Barnstaple Pannier Market

Pannier Market History

In 1827, the Borough Council undertook a major redevelopment of the area including the construction of a Pannier Market to replace the existing vegetable market and the formation of a new road, “Butchers Row”. The scheme, which was completed in 1855.

 Pannier Market in the News

Western Times – Saturday 21 December 1912

Barnstaple Pannier Market, yesterday although it was not Christmas Market day presented a very Christmassy appearance, and the scene, as the townspeople wended their way among the kitchen hampers and stalls, making a halt here and there to inquire the prices of the articles on sale, or to make their purchases, was one of considerable picturesqueness. The market was largely attended but trade was not such that might be termed very brisk, for price had an upward tendency, especially those of poultry, butter and cream. There was a splendid display of poultry of all kinds, turkeys predominating but a very ready sale was not met with owing to the high price, the ruling quotation in the morning being nothing less that 1s 2d per Ib.



Pannier Market Gallery







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