NC@EX34 Noel Corston’s new Woolacombe Restaurant

Gold award winning chef, Noel Corston brings something new, in terms of dining, to Woolacombe with his NC@EX34 restaurant. Previously known to many as The Courtyard restaurant, the former Woolacombe Stables, come restaurant, has taken on a new lease of life, with a visual and culinary revamp. NC@EX34 nestled in South Street offers diners a relaxed, and with only 16 covers, an intimate setting. For those who wish to get even closer to the culinary experience you are able to reserve a seat at the chefs counter, where Noel guides you through the courses as he prepares them. Noel prides himself on “his way” and as a diner you are totally in his hands. The taster menu is set, and displayed as a list of ingredients on a blackboard, reflecting the seasons. With everything carefully sourced, and where possible, locally, Noel creates each dish on the menu with attention to detail and using a variety of methods to bring out the flavours of some of the simplest of ingredients. The attention to detail is not just in the food, Noel has sourced local materials to create the restaurant, which he and his father have spent many hours working on, even the cutlery is made locally. This restaurant is truly Noel’s vision, from the food to the environment in which it is prepared. Noel’s lovely wife, Nora, brings this all together with her hospitality from the minute you walk through the door, until you enjoy your after dinner coffee, they work seamlessly together.






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