Bus Ablaze – Thursday 13th August 1936

North Devon Journal

Thursday 13th August 1936


Bus Ablaze near main road

Plcky efforts by Driver


Bus driver and conductor both displayed remarkable presence of mind and courage near Morte-Hoe Station on the main Ilfracombe Road, when their vehicle was found to be ablaze. The driver was Mr. D. W. Bennett, and the conductor Mr. Bowler, both employed by Southern National ‘Bus Coy’s branch service at Ilfracombe.

They were returning from Woolacombe to Ilfracombe with about twenty passengers. When on the Morte-Hoe road the driver smelt something burning. Pulling up he asked the passengers to alight, remarking that the sparking plugs were firing improperly.

Bennett then drew the burning vehicle a short distance up the Lee road of the main Woolacombe highway and pulled up, took a fire extinguisher, went underneath the vehicle and endeavored to put out the fire.

The efforts of the diver and conductor proving unavailing, they secured four more fire extinguishers from passing motorists and continued their work underneath the bus. While using the latest extinguisher a tyre burst, and within a short period the whole bus was ablaze. Only the framework remained.

There was considerable traffic at the time, and for some time before the arrival of the police there was a traffic jam.

Ilfracombe Fire Brigade, on their arrival found the bus a blazing furnance, and could do nothing.




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