Woolacombe Improvements (1946)

22 August 1946

Woolacombe Improvements
No “Miniature Blackpool”

The recent announcement in the “Journal-Herald” that Messrs, Parkin Amusements were embarking on a £50,000 scheme for Woolacombe was received with mixed feelings in the resort, the inhabitants visualizing the creation as a miniature Blackpool.

Inquires have elicited the fact that these fears are foundless for the company appreciate the need for the careful preservation of the natural amenities of the popular holiday resort. There will be no amusement arcades, or similar features.

The company propose to build modern reinenforced concrete chalets under the sand cliff to the South of the old lifeboat house. To begin with fifty will be built. These would be day huts but they would have proper sanitation and water. The present wooden bathing huts would be replaced. There would also be a beach café near by laid out artistically with an ornamental bridge approach over the stream.

Another concert hall to seat about 700 people, is suggested in the car park by the School in the neighbourhood of the lawn tennis courts. The hall would be used for concerts, and film shows during the season, and would be available for other lettings during the winter. It is also proposed to build a Pavillion type shelter to replace the worn out sheds on the seafront.

It is not proposed to built anything along the Esplanade, and the present huts, now in course of demolition, have been acquired by the company.

A small pets corner is contemplated, with a shelter where children may be left in the charge of a nurse

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