Beach Huts

Woolacombe Beach, like many others in the United Kingdom is home to a row of Beach Huts. These iconic buildings are much photographed, enjoyed, and in some areas can command very high sales values. The history of this humble building dates back more than 250 years, when holiday makers would use a bathing machine, like the one shown at the entrance to the Esplanade Car Park, Woolacombe. These machines looked similar to the beach huts we know today. People would get in them at the top of the beach, using them to change into their bathing clothes, while a horse pulled the hut on wheels towards the sea, allowing them to step directly into the sea, discreetly as others would not see them in their swimwear! As more and more holidaymakers headed to the British coastlines, and views relaxed on people wearing swimwear, people still wanted the convenience of having somewhere to change and store their belongings while they were enjoying the sea, and so the concept of the modern day beach hut was born. Today beach huts are often brightly coloured, and the interior design can be very impressive with people developing many ingenious space saving ideas. The beach huts on Woolacombe Beach are purely for storing your holiday belongings whilst enjoying your visit to the beach. The beach huts are situated at the foot of the sand dunes, literally right on the beach, and provide a perfect base for the day. They are great for relaxing with family and friends and are a useful store for your beach towels and other beach kit. It’s advisable to book early,


10 Woolacombe Sands - Beach Huts in Colour000107 Woolacombe Sands Beach Huts0001IMG_6675



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