Morte Stone – 1850

Rev. Charles Crump
Rector of Halford, Warwickshire

Morte Stone is the scene of many shipwrecks in the area, in 1850 Rev Charles Crump wrote the following about the infamous Morte Stone

Morte Stone

Where Devon’s coast its northern line extends

To farthest West, and sudden southward trends,

A rugged promontory rears its head,

Of home returning mariners the dread,

From whose broad base spreads out a long drawn ridge

Of sunken rocks by sailors term’s a Bridge

When ebbs the tide, they rise in broken row,

But sink from notice as its waters flow.

One rock above the rest, of evil fame,

Lifts its sharp crest; The Morte Stone is its name,

Whose fatal power, in gone ages known,

In recent times, by many a wreck is shewn.

The Norman mariners, in days of yore,

From sad experience, shunn’d this hated shore;

And home returning, told, with bated breath,

Tales of the Morte Stone, the fell rock of death

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