My name is Ruth, I am now in my 20’s however, I have been coming to Woolacombe and Mortehoe since I was a child. It is the only holiday destination I have been to and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Woolacombe and Mortehoe have many special memories for me, and as yet I have never found anywhere else quite like it. The tranquillity of this beautiful North Devon coastline should not to be underestimated but should be talked about for the amazing place it is. Woolacombe and Mortehoe have something for everyone you have just got to find how it suits you! The sea air, the countryside, peacefulness, an exciting yet calm atmosphere, a welcoming retreat and home, somewhere to surf or take a bike ride, or just your relax and enjoy a typical family holiday. Before you know it this area will have captured your heart. It is so special to me because of the memories it holds, as soon as you first see the sea to the feel of when you get into the town. I even met an exchange girl who had travelled many thousands of miles and we happened to the meet the very next year by chance! One of my favourite pastimes is building sandcastles on Woolacombe beach, I love the professional sand sculptures you sometimes see here, and to see the handgliders overhead is absolutely amazing. I have always wanted to have a go at that! Really don’t think I could do that though. I vividly remember holidays at Woolacombe for the rock and the ice cream, not to mention the scones and sand! As I got older I was introduced to the history of the place, its connection to World Wars, how Grunta beach got its name and the story of the headless horseman. The area then started to take on a whole new light and made me fall in love with it more. It is amazing to hear about World War 2 and how so many people landed on the beach where people holiday today. It is important that these facts are not forgotten, and I love to hear about the recreations that are held on the beach to commemorate the events that happened and the led up to the D Day landings. The legend behind Grunta Bay getting its name, when a ship of pigs became wrecked here and all the pigs were set free, this story has always amused me! Then last but not least the headless horseman, that story amazed me he seems to love Woolacombe himself to think what he went through yet he still roams the sands. When I first used to go the area as a child, we would stay at Twitchen Caravan Park. I would love getting ready to go to the club to see Sammy the Seahorse, who used to have his own theme song, anyone who doesn’t know that song I would be happy to show you the cassette yes cassette you could buy from Twitchen house shop! As a child there was nothing like taking piece of rock back for your class and been utterly proud of where you have been and what memories the holiday has created. I was even known to write holiday diaries to show everyone! I could write so much more about why Woolacombe and Mortehoe are so special to me, hopefully I have caught the essence of how important this place is. I could write endless stories about this scintillating and dazzling place, it is truly a gem in the crown of the UK. It should never be forgotten just loved. Woolacombe and Mortehoe truly have everything!

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  1. Hello, I used to visit twitchen when I was a kid, 30 odd years ago. Back before it was added to the woolacombe bay list. Sammy was great some of the best times 😁 we used to holiday with a lady called Denise small (now married and I don’t know her new name) she used to bring loads of kids from farming family’s and give them a holiday. We would all pile in her big black A team type van and head off to woolacombe beach to raid the rock pools. Sadly we have lots contact with her. If anyone knows Denise we would love to get in touch.


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