Woolacombe Girl Home from America (1947)

North Devon Journal

Thursday 14th August 1947

6000 Miles for visit

Woolacombe Girl home from America

“I am glad to have the opportunity of speaking for those English girls who have made happy marriages with Americans, as I have, for so much has been said of the unhappy ones” said Mrs. Robert E Morgan, in an interview with a “Journal-Herald” reporter on Thursday

Mrs Morgan, with her husband recently arrived on the “Queen Elizabeth” to spend six weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Brown at Glenwood, Woolacombe.

She was formerly Miss Linda Brown, and met her husband when he was stationed at Mortehoe while serving in the American Army. Mr. Morgan is now a chemistry student in the University of California.

“The things that most impressed me in America were the skyscrapers of New York and the vast distances we had to travel” Mrs Morgan continued “When I arrived I was surprised to find that there were some shortages, but they have almost all gone. The average cost of living seems a little different from that in England. The reception I received from my husband’s relatives and friends, both on my arrival and during my visit to Chicago, overwhelmed me.

“I have hosts of friends and can not keep up with the numerous invitations, I prefer living in America to living in England, I cook by gas and have lots of labour-saving devices. The houses have more modern conveniences, including central heating. It is like a British housewife’s dream. I had very little difficulty in adapting myself to the American way of preparing food.”

Mr. and Mrs Morgan travelled 6,000 miles for this visit and came home via the Niagara Falls and Chicago. Their home address is 1,826 Yosemite Road, Berkeley, California.

Another American bride from Colchester lives quite close to Mrs Morgan.

Mr. and Mrs. Morgan will make the return crossing of the Atlantic on the “Queen Mary”

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