Woolacombe School art exhibition

As part of the Centenary celebrations for Woolacombe school, on Tuesday 21st June, we held an exhibition of children’s art work at Woolacombe village hall. All 7 classes produced superbly colourful and varied art work, on themes connected with our community and our coastline. Parents and other visitors from our community commented on the high level of creativity, and the children were thrilled to see their art work so prominently displayed and so highly appreciated. Parents were invited to ‘buy’ their child’s work, which was also very exciting for the children. Alongside the exhibition we ran a competition for the children to work on at home, and we had 57 entries from across the school. Ranging from simple pencil drawings and paintings to large scale models of our beach, mobiles, collage and driftwood sculpture, all reflecting our community and our centenary in some way. The competition was judged by local artist Steve PP, and he was blown away by the variety and standard of the whole exhibition.

“I read somewhere that the job of an artist is “to show people what they don’t see.” “I have just had the pleasure of being shown something that I paint and see every day, in a fresh, new vibrant way, through the eyes of 200 very talented artists from Woolacombe Primary School. This little school in my village by the sea has a fantastic art department with teachers that put a lot of time, love and passion into encouraging the children into the world of making and enjoying art.
The variety and wealth of techniques and mediums used really impressed me. 
 Well done to all of the talented artists, a fantastic exhibition of passionate, uplifting colourful, coastal inspired art.
You made my day, and got me thinking about my own work in a fresh and exciting way, thank you!” Just before half term we also worked on a large scale collaborative mosaic to celebrate our special birthday. Children and parents worked in small groups throughout the week with local artist and art teacher Clare Russell to create a large colourful mosaic, which is now prominently displayed in the school grounds…..hopefully it will still be there in another 100 years !!


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