Latest Magazine – Issue 9

Welcome to the latest issue of Woolacombe & Mortehoe Voice magazine. Packet with lots of interesting features along with our regular articles.

If you would be interested in contributing to future issues I would love to hear from you, please get in touch

Issue 9 of Woolacombe & Mortehoe Voice



(Photo: Tony Twyman)




  • Hello, my name is Barrie Parker and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I intend to be in Mortehoe or Woolacombe on June 22 and 23 this year. The Parker side of my family can be traced to Mortehoe as far back as the early 1800s. I was hoping to use your online magazine to trace any of my relatives who may still be living in the area so that when I am in the area I can wish them an Aussie G’day. My father was Albert John (Jack) Parker – I have a photo of him at Mortehoe school, probably in the early 1920s. My grandmother was Ida Heale (nee Parker) and among many photos I have of her are a few with her and her sister Beatrice Womersley (nee Parker) “Aunt Beat” on the wreck of the SS Collier on Jan 29, 1914. I also have photos of the Parker Tea Tent on Barricane Beach in 1910. I think that I may have been named from Barricane (hence my spelling with an ie). From my visits to Mortehoe with my grandmother and great aunt as a child I recall several Parker graves in Mortehoe cemetery, including (I think) my great uncle Tom Parker and my great (or great great) grandparents, Tom and Thirza Parker.
    Hoping you can be of assistance and looking forward to being in your area for the first time in over 30 years.
    Barrie Parker


    • Barrie

      I am so sorry that your message has only just come through on my website! I am unsure why it has taken so long and utterly disappointed not to have been able to reply before your trip! It would be great if you could get in touch and I will endeavour to get any pictures etc we maybe able to share sent over to you. How was your trip to Mortehoe? Would be great to hear from you


      • Thank you for your reply. My visit to Mortehoe and Woolacombe was very interesting and a great success. Through the museum I met people who knew my family and were able to add stories and photos of my forebears. In return our research was of interest to them. It can only be nostalgic when you realise that you are part of at least 7 generations to have sat in the Chichester Arms. And of course visit to “my” beach for their famous curry was memorable. The next time I visit England your part of the country will be on my itinerary.


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