Caroline Delin – My Woolacombe, My Mortehoe

I’m not alone in my infatuation and fascination with Woolacombe, after all you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t feel the same. It’s a very special place to many and there are hundreds of reasons why. “For me it has been part of the story of my life and has brought good but also bittersweet memories for me.” As a child Woolacombe was the number one destination for our family. With a dog usually in tow my parents rented a cottage and we children spent all of our pocket money in the then Pleasurelawns and also ‘Once Upon A Time’ – renamed ‘Piggyland’ by my siblings and me. I find it sad that houses now stand on that old station land. Although I remember many rainy days spent indoors (well this is the British summer time we’re talking about here!), my main memory of those holidays was having so much fun on the beach and ‘surfing’ in literally one inch of water! We thought we were so cool modelling our wetsuits and pretending we were ‘Beach Boys’!

Fast forward approximately ten years and back to Woolacombe I drove, this time with my new boyfriend. We had a lovely time down there, with new memories created and others revisited – like cycling the Tarka Trail to Instow. We couldn’t get enough of the place and got engaged on the beach a few years later, visited during two pregnancies (I wanted to make sure my babies had the fresh sea air!) and took our eldest there for his first holiday. Unfortunately my marriage didn’t last but those memories will last forever and Woolacombe was a big part of our time together. As a way to start over again and ensure old memories didn’t stop me from going back I visited Woolacombe again last year with both my children and they absolutely loved it. The pure joy on their faces as they sat/ran/splashed on the beach is something that brings me a lot of happiness. That look of freedom and excitement is not replicated anywhere else. My eldest often talks about Woolacombe, asking when we can go back and to hear him talk about it with such enthusiasm is wonderful! To give them a special place to go, to make memories for them and any future families they have, to put smiles on their faces – it’s what family holidays are all about. On a sunny day I can’t think of anywhere better. “There’s something really special about Woolacombe. I can’t put my finger on what that is, but I guess I’ll have to keep going back until I can!”


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