Moretehoe visit 1861

17th January 1861

MORTHOE. Lady Bruce Chichester has paid her accustomed New Year visit to this place, and was gladly welcomed by the poor of the parish, who were supplied from her ladyship’s ample stores clothing, suitable to the present season. After having supplied in a liberal manner their necessities in this respect, ample provision was also made to satisfy the claims of hunger, of which the assembled poor gratefully partook, with warm expressions of goodwill to their noble hostess.

On Thursday, Sir Bruce invited the tenants and other young men of the parish to a game of football, on the Woolacombe Sands, which was kept up with glee throughout the afternoon, and, despite the. absence of the music of the belfry, the use of which was refused by the Vicar, great hilarity prevailed among the spirited comrades. It was afterwards agreed to match Arlington against Mortehoe. Twelve of the ablest men in Arlington, against a similar number from Mortehoe, to meet in a field near the Chichester Arms, next week. The following week the men are to meet in Arlington Park for the like exercise, for which occasion two bands of music are engaged, and two large tents to prepared for the provisions in the field.

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