Woolacombe & Mortehoe 1899 – A visitors review

Morte Point, with its stern beauty, and the slanting spur of rocks which is covered when the tide is full, then the suggestiveness of the name is seen, and dwellers here about will tell you of doomed ships in former days. At the best of times the sea breaks over in clouds of spray. If this be, whilst hardly any wind is moving, it is not hard to imagine the wrath with which the billows and breakers crash when storms are their height.

Morthoe village is worth visiting, and is a place of growing repute, every year bringing additional strangers to be its guests. The ancient church to the antiquarian provides a wealth of interest, and the Druidical remains on Morte Point should also be examined. A striking contrast is afforded after leaving Morthoe, for beautiful broad bay, nearly three miles in extent, is now to be seen.

Named after the point, it lacks every feature of relationship, for its rounded course is terminated by a wonderful stretch of sands. Woolacombe Sands. This is a rapidly growing and developing neighbourhood, for the sands are ideal in their extent and capabilities.

For children there could be no safer and healthier resort, for here they can indulge in every conceivable pastime and game. A corps of sleek and well groomed donkeys are at their service should they wish to ride. They can dig for ever with their spades, constructing castles and courtyards under the approving eye of nurse or governess—or motherly Devonshire women will hold their hands whilst they paddle on the fringe of the water.

To children of an older growth the charms are equally irresistible—what more delightful than to wander over these stretches of sand or bathing in the clear blue waters, which so temptingly lap the shore. Machines are close at hand ; Inclination cannot be resisted and even the most adamantine resolves are not proof to the subtle allurements of this sandy beach.

Between the sand and Morte Point we should descend to the little enclosed cove called Barricane Beach. This is altogether a unique spot. Small in extent, yet it is surfeited
with a supply and store of shells of every sort, and the conchologist may spend a profitable hour in adding to his collection many rare and unique specimens hitherto unobtained.The remarkable thing is that only at this one spot are shells to be found in such abundance and profusion. How only they should drift to this particular beach is a question which, like many of greater moment, has yet to be solved.

At Woolacombe we find an hotel complete in every particular, where individual wants and tastes are closely studied and where arrangements for comfort and convenience leave nothing to be desired. Everything is on a comprehensive scale, and singularly peculiar must
the man be who would not be satisfied with the provision made for all that he may need, The grounds extend down to the shore, the sea view is unrestricted in its scope, the appointments are as perfect human thought can make them, and our personal experience—speaking from knowledge thereof— is that nothing is left to be desired.

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