Woolacome & Mortehoe

Woolacombe & Mortehoe


Woolacombe is steeped in history, it is a traditional coastal resort town dominated by large villa style houses and grand hotels. The three mile beach at Woolacombe is one of the most popular in the region, it is an award-winning beach and is a haven for surfers, families and more. The town of Woolacombe has everything that you would expect to find in a town of this size, including some amazing restaurants and hotels.


Mortehoe is a pretty village that stands at the top of Chapel Hill overlooking Woolacombe and the Bristol Channel on one side and Lundy Island on the other. It is a popular place for tourists and has a rich history and many beautiful coastal walks that really show off the landscape the area has to offer.  At the heart of the village is St Mary Magdalen Church, which is a Grade 1 listed building dating back to 1170, one of the oldest buildings in the area. To find out more about the area’s heritage, visit the Mortehoe museum.

A wander along the coastline

Bull Point

Bull Point Lighthouse was first built in 1879. In 1972, the keeper at the time reported ground movement, and as a result 2” fissures were reported to have opened in the ground.

A temporary lighthouse, was subsequently borrowed and used for nearly two years. The new lighthouse was built in 1974 using equipment from its predecessor.

Morte Point

Morte Point has sweeping views across Woolacombe Bay, Baggy Point and towards Lundy Island. It is a beautiful spot to enjoy some of the spectacular walks.

Walk along the jagged Morte Point to enjoy the wildflowers, gorse and heathers. On a good day you maybe also able to spot seals, and occasionally dolphins.

Grunta Beach

Grunta beach is believed to have been named after an incident that saw a cargo of pigs escape after a ship ran aground many years ago. 

The Natural Trust have built into the rock structure several steps to help the public gain access to the beach, but it maybe worth noting that this is not a family-friendly beach, and access can be limited.

Combesgate Beach

Combesgate is a semi-sheltered cove with many rock pools and gullies. This pretty beach is located on the far side of Woolacombe, close to The Watersmeet Hotel and is a lovely beach to enjoy with the family – but it is only accessible between low and mid tide.

The beach offers good swimming, surf and of course plenty of opportunity to make sand castles.

Barricane Beach

This secluded cove is an area of special scientific interest due to its geological features.

The  best known of these features is the Gulf Stream that carries shells from the Caribbean to its shores, this is something that is not found anywhere else in the country, this along with its exposure to the Atlantic winds and waves, bringing with them an abundance of marine life following stormy weather make Barricane Beach a very beautiful and interesting beach to visit.

Woolacombe Beach

Woolacombe Beach is three miles of golden sands and sand dunes. It is predominantly a family beach, but one that  is also well known for its surf. It also offers a wide variety of activities for visitors including walking, surfing, running and horse riding.

In the summer months the beach is home to a row of iconic coloured beach-huts, which provide the perfect base for the family to enjoy along the huge sandbanks.

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