Hotel Pandora

Pandora House Hotel was built in the 1930’s and is believed to have been the first purpose built boarding house in Woolacombe. It was built in the newly cut out Springfield Road, known as Well Field at the time.The hotel was built for the Fisher family, with their son Ben recalling many memories of his time living in Woolacombe and the Pandora Hotel. 

Ben recalls when war broke out in Woolacombe, “the start of the war was a strange time, September 1939 was the end of the summer season and the visitors had all gone home. They were long, sunny days and war seemed very distant. I remember going home from school one lunchtime I saw three army lorries full of soldiers; I ran all the way home to tell my father that I had seen the lorries and that they were full of German soldiers and that we were being invaded. My father reassured me that the were not Germans”.  It wouldn’t be long before 3 evacuees, girls came to stay with the family. 

They would not stay long as the hotel would soon be taken over by the American Army. He recalls during the second world war ‘The troops moved in. We had to remove all our property from the main part of the building into store in the garage. A small area was sectioned off for our private use. It was later used as a small military hospital for the troops stationed in Woolacombe. 

After the war the hotel slowly got back to normal.

An advert for the hotel in 1965 proudly says that the hotel was built and established in 1931, and the visitors book gives proof of genuine satisfaction 

One Comment on “Hotel Pandora

  1. We spent every family summer holiday with Stan and Daisy at the Pandora. I absolutely loved it there. My parents were Stan and Marjorie Troop, with us, Peter, me and sister Lynda.
    Sorry it closed as a hotel after Stan and Daisy passed away.


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