Tourist Brochure – 4,000 guides to be printed in 1951

Thursday 2nd November 1950

North Devon Journal

New Publicity Committee for Woolacombe

4,000 guides to be printed in 1951

A publicity and guide committee for Woolacombe was formed at a meeting on Tuesday, when hopes were expressed that the village would eventually have a publicity bureau and a public relations officer.

The chairman (Mr T.G. Pile) explained that the plan was to use the publicity purposes the profit made on the production of the guide. The former guide committee, were not prepared to continue in office, so that the only alternative was to form another body; the meeting had been called for that purpose. Since the guide committee had been disbanded a temporary committee had been doing the work in a ‘caretaker; capacity, and plans had been made for the issuing of the next guide.

The new publication would contain 64 pages with a new cover, and would include pictures and other minor modifications. It was intended to print 4,000 guides because 3,000 had been found to be insufficient for this year’s requirement.

It was hoped to increase the £340 advertisement revenue and that there would be a surplus for national advertising.

The following committee was elected to serve until May 1952 the Rev. G.A. Carter, Mrs A. J. Trebble, and Messrs T.Pile, T.G.Pile, N. Appleing, B. Johnson, G. Clark and E. V. Collier

265 1965 Woolacombe Front Cover
78 Tourist Guide

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